Ulta Beauty Gilded Gold 12 Piece Eye Shadow Palette

I purchased Ulta Beauty’s Gilded Gold 12 Piece Eye Shadow Palette about a month ago and I’ve been using it regularly ever since. The colors in the palette are what caught my attention and drew me in for a closer look. I have blue eyes and I’ve found that brown shades make them pop so I was eager to try the various colors in this eye shadow palette.

Up until a month ago, I had never tried any of Ulta Beauty’s products. I’ve purchased makeup from Ulta before but none of them were the store’s brand. I was surprised at the quality, as I would never normally purchase store brand makeup. It just so happens that they had a “buy $20 worth of qualifying Ulta Beauty makeup and get a cute makeup bag containing $20 worth of free Ulta Beauty makeup” sale going on so I decided to try it considering they only sell beauty-related products.

Their other beauty products are great, too (I’m also wearing Ulta Beauty’s mascara and matte lipstick in the photo above), but I’ll save that for a separate review.

Ulta Beauty GIlded Gold 12 Piece Eye Shadow Palette

The Ulta Beauty Gilded Gold 12 Piece Eye Shadow Palette comes with 12 shades and a long-handled eye shadow brush for easy application.

My favorite shade in the Ulta Beauty Gilded Gold 12 Piece Eye Shadow Palette is the “Scorched” shade, which I’m wearing in the photo above. I always do a classic smokey eye look, and my favorite shades to do that with are browns because it makes my eyes pop and it is great for both daytime and evening looks. The color isn’t too overwhelming, which makes it appropriate for work and daytime, but it’s still a beautiful look that can be worn on date night.

On a day I decide to wear makeup, I normally apply it in the morning. This eye shadow seems to last all day, and it is easily removed with a wet wipe. I didn’t experience any sensitivity when wearing this eye shadow.

In my opinion, the cost of this palette is reasonable considering the cost of other palettes. I’d recommend the Ulta Beauty Gilded Gold 12 Piece Eye Shadow Palette to anyone who would like some pretty gold and brown shades in their eye shadow collection. If you prefer rose-colored shades, they have a Rose Gold palette similar to this one.

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