Tupelo Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Review

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this review or compensated for doing so. I wrote this review to brag about the service I received during my visit.

Last month, I went to Tupelo Smiles Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Tupelo, Mississippi for a regular dental check-up and cleaning. It had been almost three years since I had my last dentist appointment so I asked a few of my friends for recommendations on a good dentist in town. Two of them highly recommended Dr. Kenney’s office so I decided to call their office to schedule an appointment.

Scheduling my dental appointment was super easy. The lady I spoke with on the phone was incredibly nice while she was setting up my appointment. She asked me for some basic personal information as well as our insurance information so that there would be less paperwork when I got to the office. She also asked me for the name of the person(s) who referred me so that they could thank them for their referral.

Tupelo SmilesWhen I arrived to their office for my appointment, my first impressions of the office itself was great. It’s in a decent location and the building was very nice on the outside as well as the inside. There’s a beautiful fish tank inside and I was greeted promptly by one of the ladies that was sitting at the front desk. She asked, “You must be Nicole, right?” after she greeted me. This both surprised and impressed me, haha. I’ve never had this happen before! But, I liked it, because it told me that they keep up with their daily appointments and that they care for their patients, both new and returning. She asked me to sign in and she asked if I minded filling out a few more questions for my patient file. I said “Sure,” and she loaded the form on one of the tablets they had. She gave me a brief explanation on how to fill out the form and said that I was welcome to have a seat until my name was called. I returned the tablet after taking a few minutes to fill out the patient form and sat down in the nice lobby area until they called me back. They had nice music playing on their television that was on the wall as well as a coffee maker and fridge with a variety of drinks. Oh, and they also had some Orbit gum samples — I grabbed one to chew after my cleaning! The office had a very nice atmosphere while I was waiting — it definitely didn’t feel like I was waiting in a dentist office.

After about ten minutes, the hygienist came into the lobby and called my name. I was pleasantly surprised that they were ready to begin my appointment after just a brief wait. She introduced herself and we exchanged pleasantries while she showed me to the appropriate room. Before she began the cleaning, she asked if I was having any problems or concerns. I mentioned that I wasn’t but that I was interested in learning more about their options with teeth whitening. I’ve tried a few different methods, like toothpaste and mouthwash and strips, but I wanted to know about some affordable, more professional options. She briefly told me about the different whitening methods they offered and she said that they offer a complementary whitening method for all new patients. After she went over the options they offered, she took the standard xrays since it had been a while since my last dental visit. After the very unpleasant xrays, she began the cleaning part of the appointment. Oh, and I should note that the xrays were unpleasant because I hate that part of dentist appointments since it’s always so uncomfortable. It wasn’t unpleasant because of anything she did. Anyway, I feel like she did a great job with the cleaning part of my appointment. Shortly after she finished, Dr. Kenney came into the room. He was very nice and he took a look at my xrays before he asked if I was having any problems. I mentioned I wasn’t, and the hygienist mentioned to him that I requested information on their teeth whitening methods. He went over them, asked if I have any questions and he told me some options I had to correct my overbite.

Tupelo Smiles

When we were wrapping up my appointment, the hygienist took a mold of my teeth for the complementary whitening tray that they give all new patients. I was excited to try the tray because I’ve been wanting to whiten my teeth by a few shades. She said that she would send the molds off to be processed and that I could pick up my whitening tray and serum in a couple of days. I went to pick up the kit after a few days and the lady I spoke with thoroughly explained how to use the whitening kit. She also gave me written instructions and said that I was more than welcome to call the office if I had any questions. It was easy to use with the instructions she gave and it works great — I’m seeing great results!

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my visit to Tupelo Smiles. They were all very friendly and professional and I plan on being a regular patient of theirs. I’ve already scheduled my husband an appointment and I plan on scheduling our son an appointment when it’s time for his cleaning. I strongly recommend their practice to anyone and everyone. They’re great and they’ll help you get your smile exactly the way you want it!


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