Top 7 Things that can Devalue your Home

There are several things that factor in to how much your home is worth — anything from unappealing renovations to noisy neighborhoods. We’ve put together a checklist so that you don’t have to. Let’s examine the most popular ways homes are devalued.

Messy Neighbors and Hoarders

Potential buyers consider the neighboring homes before they decide to buy a home. If you live next to a messy neighbor or a hoarder, there’s a great chance that their home is devaluing yours. Having an unkempt yard, clutter, or peeling paint can actually reduce the value of your home by 5 to 10 percent!

Noisy Neighbors

Noisy neighbors can scare off potential homebuyers. Potential sellers should be aware of the fact that even if their home is nice, people may not want to buy it if the neighbors are noisy.

Noise Pollution

The constant noise from airplanes, trains, or cars zooming by can cause the value of your home to decrease. Potential buyers see this as a distraction or annoyance. Most people would prefer to live in an area that is quiet.

Certain Renovations

Most people renovate their homes before they sell it. Adding renovations can help you increase the value of your home. However, it is important to remember that certain renovations can actually decrease the value of your home. For example, if you’ve recently done a DIY project that went seriously awry, you may have decreased the value of your home.

Not Fixing Common Damages

Patching small holes left behind by nails or screw is simple and will leave the walls looking like new again. It’s also important to double check the walls once everything is moved out of the house. Sometimes big furniture can leave scuffs behind, and you’ll want to take care of those before showing the home. We recommend hiring a global moving company like Suddath so that you don’t have to worry about any household damages.

School Quality

School quality is one of the main things people take into consideration before they move into a neighborhood. The value of a home that is in a good neighborhood will increase. On the other hand, the value of a home will decrease if the school is rating poorly.

Crime Rate

Another main thing that people look at when considering a home purchase is the crime rate in that area. Most people will feel uneasy about living in a place that contains significant or frequent, major crimes.

In the event that a serious crime was committed in a home, there are crime scene cleanup companies can help. Crime scene cleanup companies, like Advance Bio Treatment Cleaners, can help restore a place to its original state. However, even if the home has been restored completely by an excellent service, a home’s value can still drop by as low as 10 to 25 percent if a serious crime or murder was committed there.

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