The Best Places To find Mental Health Help

Sometimes when we are in the midst of a mental health crisis it can really feel as if we are alone, and that no one else could possibly understand what we are going through. However, just because we feel this is the case doesn’t make it true. In fact, there are many places where we can find people that have similar experiences to ourselves, as well as those where we can get help and advice that can make it easier to deal with our conditions. Read on to find out more.

Your doctor

The first stop for many people that are suffering from a mental health issue is their family doctor. In fact, such practitioners can not only help by referring you on to a specialist for further treatment but can also put you through some initial screen processes as well, something that can help to narrow down the mental health condition you are suffering from. This being essential if you are to get the correct treatment to help you deal with your condition.

Of course, if you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis and cannot reach your doctor then there are other options such as suicide prevention lines and text services like the ones at


Next, another great place that you can get some help for your mental health is charities, particularly ones that are online. In fact, many have websites that offer diagnostic tools, self-help book recommendations, and even advice for discussing your condition with doctors.


Some even have forums explicitly designed for people suffering from a particular condition. Something that can not only be helpful in terms of the advice they offer but can also provide some support and empathy from others with a similar condition for those that are struggling.


Youtube is another fantastic place to get some help for your mental health issue. In fact, there you will find vloggers that have the same condition and can learn about their stories. In addition to that, you can also find qualified therapists that discuss particular conditions as well as the specific treatment that is recommended for these. Something that can be a great addition to any self-help or even work with a real-life therapist that you are doing.


In fact, many people find the vlogs and advice that they see on Youtube so helpful that they choose to follow the guidance at and download them. Something that means they get to keep them for when they are feeling particularly bad, and are in no danger of losing them, even if the channel is deleted for some reason.

Support groups

Finally, when it comes to getting assistance for your mental health, attending a support group can be a fantastic choice whether online or in real life.

This is because, you get to make meaningful connections with others that have a similar experience, helping you to feel less alone. You can also use such groups to discuss your experience and offer advice to others as well. Something that can help those of us suffering from mental health problems, use our expertise to help the greater good, which can also be an essential step in the management and recovery process.

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