Taking Care of your Mental Health during the Holiday Season

The holidays are all about giving and family. We spend time with family and friends, practice our respective holiday traditions, worship, exchange gifts, and give back to others.

We focus on others during the holidays and, while that is a beautiful thing, it often means that we put ourselves on the back burner. While giving to others is important, taking care of our mental health is just as important.

Many people feel guilty for spending even just a moment thinking about themselves during the holidays, myself included. I often feel selfish for doing so, even if I want to take a brief break from family.

I think “Well, they came all this way to visit, so the least I could do is spend time with them.” Or “I don’t want to be rude, so I should spend time with them while they’re here.”

Those very thoughts stem from the fact that we aren’t doing what we need to do for our mental health, even though we’re trying to be thoughtful to our loved ones in the process. It’s a catch-22, really.

About this post series

I have set up a post series to (hopefully) make the holidays a little easier on you.

This post series consists of posts written by various writers and bloggers who were kind enough to contribute a post. I have posted some posts on their behalf, but most of the posts are written on their own website or blog. Please consider taking the time to read and share their posts so that others can benefit from their post.

This series’ post line-up is below. Each post will be published on the date specified. While you can’t read ahead, you are more than welcome to read the posts that have been published so far (if you haven’t already)!

Post Line-up

November 15:
How to Rewire your Mind for a Positive Holiday Season written by @TranscendPD.

November 16:
Self-care around Thanksgiving written by @blueocean455.

November 17:
A Fast Self-care Manual for the Holidays written by @TheAudreyHope.

November 18:
Tips for Coping with Mental Illness at Christmas written by @Catlady1492.

November 19:
Taking Care of your Mental Health During the Holiday Season written by @LifeAsJustNikk1.

November 20:
Scars, Stuffing and Sparkling Wine: Navigating the Festive Party Season as Someone Who Previously Self Harmed written by OneMoreLightLB.

November 21:
Coping at Christmas written by @LivingHealthBlg.

November 22: Thanksgiving Day — No posts — Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23: POST RECAP!

November 24:
Coping with Grief written by @WanderingNobody.

November 25:
Fear of Holiday Loneliness written by Live Mentally Well.

November 26: POST RECAP!

November 27:
Coping when you aren’t close to family written by @411Hope.

November 28:
Agoraphobia During the Holidays written by @likeas_thewaves.

November 29:
The Restored Holiday Spirit while Suffering with Depression written by @MaddDawgDailey.

November 30: POST RECAP!

December 1:
Shaking Off the Holiday Blues written by @holdhopetoday.

December 2:
Coping with being Alone during the Holidays written by @Aerwyn_Flynn.

December 3:
Spending Christmas with your Partner’s Family for the First Time written by @WhatTheLogSaid.

December 4:
The Ultimate Holiday Checklist for Work and Play written by Monique of Renting the Rain.

December 5: POST RECAP!

December 6: POST RECAP!

December 7: POST RECAP!

December 8: POST RECAP!

December 9:
Coping with a Myriad of Emotions During the Holidays written by Jeremy Emery.

December 10:
Dealing with Grief Around the Holidays written by Lauren.

December 11: POST RECAP!

December 12:
Grief Around the Holidays written by Kyra.

December 13:
Coping with PTSD During the Holidays written by @mariah57942245.

December 14:
Seasonal Affective Disorder: It’s More Than Just A Feeling written by Aliyah Brody.

December 15:
Things I Wish I Knew About Supporting Friends With Mental Illness written by @SifaPoulton.


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  1. November 15, 2018 / 10:16 AM

    After months of anticipation, I’m really excited about the post series kicking off today!

    • Nicole
      November 15, 2018 / 10:22 AM

      Same here! Super excited to read everyone’s posts!

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