Review of a Personalized Gold Compass Necklace from Statement Made Jewellry

The wonderful people over at Statement Made Jewellry sent me a beautiful personalized gold compass necklace with my birthstone in exchange for my honest review. I love jewelry, so I was excited when I connected with them on Twitter.

I loved my gold compass necklace as soon as I opened the cute, pink pouch that it was secured in. The chain and the compass charm are both gold plated, and they are flake and corrosion-resistant. The chain, which has a claw clasp, is 18″ long, which is the perfect fit for me. It has an adorable birthday birthstone, which is aquamarine.

It feels and looks great whenever I wear it, which has been frequently!

Statement Made Jewellry Gold Compass Necklace

A huge plus for me is the type of chain they use with the necklaces. I have long hair so I can only wear certain types of chains, otherwise my hair gets tangled up in it. Not only is it painful, but it ends up pulling my hair out and wrapping around the chain itself, which is incredibly annoying.

If the 18″ chain is too small or big for you, you can request that they either decrease or increase the length in the check-out process.

The charms are adorable. They’re the perfect size, and I love all of the options. You can really create your ideal piece of jewelry that is personalized to you.

How it’s personal to me

I think that the compass charm was the perfect choice for me. In a way, it makes me think of my journey with my mental health. Sometimes I’m hopeful and looking up (North), and sometimes I’m down and don’t feel any hope at all (South). Sometimes I even feel sidetracked or like I’m losing my way a little bit (East and West). Regardless, it’s all a journey, and I’m just trying to do the best I can to go in the direction I need to go to get better.

Statement Made Jewellry Gold Compass Necklace

Look how beautiful it looks!

You can browse their different types of personalized necklaces on their website. They have some that are plated, which are flake and corrosion resistant, and they have some sterling silver pieces. I have my eyes on a charm necklace with an angel wing charm as well as an engraved necklace.

Statement Made Jewellry also has earrings, bracelets, and anklets. You can personalize all of their jewelry varieties by selecting your charm, an initial charm, a birthday birthstone, and even small plate charms that you can have engraved and put on a bangle or a statement necklace. Check out their website and create your very own piece of beautiful, customized jewelry!

Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe via email on their website to get a coupon code to use on your purchase! Their products are very affordable, but everyone loves coupons, right?


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