Project Postcard

I recently decided that I want a postcard collection! It might be a random item to want to collect, but for some reason, the thought of having a big collection of handwritten postcards from people who live all over the world gets me incredibly excited!

This idea of mine sparked another. People from all over the world were so excited to mail me a postcard and it got me thinking… “Why not get more people involved so that they can share in my excitement?!”

There’s something about the handwritten word that I appreciate. It’s hard to come by these days. All I get in the mail are bills and adverts for grocery store sales, and I know that this is likely the same for many of you.

If you would like to collect handwritten postcards alongside me, please fill out the form below! By providing me with your mailing address, you are giving me your permission to share it with the Project Postcard group, which includes only those who are participating in this project. It will not be shared publicly. Only with the Project Postcard group.

You will receive postcards randomly, but you are more than welcome to request one from a specific location at any time.

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