What depression is really like

Post updated on October 4, 2019. I was first diagnosed with depression in 2009 or 2010. The psychiatrist I saw told me that it was a “mild case,” of depression, wrote me a prescription, and sent me on my way. I never got the prescription refilled because, not only was I under the assumption that the medication would cause me to be zoned out all the time, but I didn’t have insurance so I knew I likely wouldn’t even be able to afford it. In reality, I just had no idea what my diagnosis really meant. I was uneducated on…

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My goals for October 2018

October is here! A new month means new goals for my blog, but first, I’ll recap what last month’s goals were. I’m glad that I decided to set my own goals. Not only does it give me something to work towards, but it allows me to see what areas I’m doing well in and what areas I need to improve in. All in all, it will only help me and my blog, which is something I can’t pass up.     My September 2018 goals were… Unique blog views: 750 Blog posts: 8 Wordpress followers: 250 Twitter followers: 9,500  …

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The Fear of Abandonment

The fear of abandonment is essentially one of the many forms of anxiety. It’s technically not a phobia, though many, including myself, strongly disagree with its non-qualification as one. The closest phobia to the fear of abandonment is autophobia. Autophobia is the dread or fear of being isolated, or alone. It doesn’t entirely cover the fear of abandonment, though, as the primary staple of it is the fear of being abandoned by friends and/or loved ones.     The facts: What is it, and how does it develop? The fear of abandonment is, simply put, a fear of being abandoned…

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Blogger Recognition Award

  I was very recently nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award over at One More Light LB — I can’t thank her enough! Please consider paying her blog a visit, and you can also visit her on Twitter, at @OneMoreLightLB. The Blogger Recognition Award is awarded to bloggers, by bloggers, to recognize our peers’ hard work on their blog. Blogging isn’t easy. We have to maintain our website and keep it in tip-top shape, make sure we’re on our A-game with SEO, network with other bloggers, and market ourselves. I won’t even get into how much creativity is required to…

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Sunshine Blogger Award

The lovely Conquer the Madness was so kind enough to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thanks so much for this! The blogger community on Twitter continues to humble and amaze me. I’ve never received so much support before. I’ve been in handfuls of blogger groups on Facebook and it’s just not the same. I can’t thank all of you enough for your help, love, and support. The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award created by bloggers, for bloggers, so that we can recognize our peers for the great work they are doing with their blog. If you are…

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