Kicking Stress To The Curb This Summer

Summer is an incredible time of year – doesn’t everything just feel better when the sun’s out? It can be a good time for your mental health too, with the extra vitamin D boost making the clouds disappear, and making the thought of being outdoors and active much more appealing. Summer can also be a good time for focusing on your mental health. You’re probably already feeling more positive than when you’re in the cold, dark depths of winter, which is a great start. If you’ve been dealing with a lot of stress lately, then now is the perfect time…

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4 Positive Ways to Follow-Up on Your Addiction Recovery Program

There are few things in life that have the sheer destructive power of addiction. Many people have lost their homes, their relationships, their jobs, years of their lives, and their emotional and psychological health and well-being, due to having fallen prey to substance addiction of various sorts. Addiction is insidious. At the onset, it almost always seems “under control,” and by the time it becomes clear that things have gone wrong, the situation is often very dire indeed. It’s for this reason that one of the best things you can do in order to recover from addiction and regain your…

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How To Make Your Home Mental Health Friendly

When people discuss mental health, they rarely ask you what your bedroom looks like, do they? OK, admittedly, this is quite a creepy question, but the truth is that your bedroom – and your home as a whole – has a huge role to play in your mental health. You’ll know that in most cases, having a big window where you can let the light in, and feeling cosy and comfortable, does help to knock the edge off of that ‘meh’ feeling.   Here’s how you can make the most out of your space, if you want it to be…

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Working On Your Confidence This Summer

Summer is almost here, and it’s a great time to look at the brighter side of life and start taking better care of yourself. The sunnier, warmer days can bring out the best in everyone, putting the gloomy days of winter to bed and helping you feel more refreshed and energized. The change in season is the perfect time to think about yourself and how you can improve your wellbeing, including working on that confidence that can sometimes feel lacking. Make this year the time for positive change with these tips for working on your confidence this summer.   Make…

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The Best Places To find Mental Health Help

Sometimes when we are in the midst of a mental health crisis it can really feel as if we are alone, and that no one else could possibly understand what we are going through. However, just because we feel this is the case doesn’t make it true. In fact, there are many places where we can find people that have similar experiences to ourselves, as well as those where we can get help and advice that can make it easier to deal with our conditions. Read on to find out more.   Your doctor The first stop for many people…

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