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This post is sponsored by Steelray. Even though it is sponsored, I take pride in sharing only products and services I recommend, so I hope you enjoy this post!

In sports and business, having the proper training and equipment can help you outpace your competition.

The runners find their place at the starting block. Their hearts are pounding, and their palms are sweating as they anxiously await the pull of the trigger. A single gunshot will signal when it is time to lift their head, pump their arms, and propel themselves forward toward one common goal. All hope for the chance to be the heap’s solo champion. After they come off the block, it is just the individual runner, their opponents, and the open track. Each well-trained competitor will stay within their lanes and swiftly move toward the finish line, all with the hope and anticipation they might rise to the top and become victorious. They furiously move their legs, one in front of the other, increasing with speed and calling upon adrenaline, muscle memory, and sheer will, to ensure they find their place on the podium once the race is over because there can only be one winner. After months of training, proper dieting, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses and those of their fellow racers, there is just a short time between the start signal and the breaking of the rope at the end, signifying the finish line, and then it is all over.


It is no secret there are many parallels between business and sports because so many of the principals are relevant in both arenas. The concept of endurance, perseverance, hard work, commitment, and an unrelenting dedication to the success of your craft are all components which allow you to thrive in on the field, track, ring, court, or in the office. Just like the world’s most prestigious athletes pay particular attention to their equipment and support system, so too must professionals in the business world adequately equip themselves with tools to increase their chances of success.

This especially holds true with bloggers, like myself. While it may not seem like we have much going on, we constantly have to think ahead and remain organized so that we can be successful. We have to make time to maintain our blog website and design, our content and posts, our social media accounts, and more. It can be a lot to handle if you don’t have a set system to keep organized.

One company really understands the importance of being organized and prepared, and it is Steelray. Steelray is a privately held software company, entirely self-funded and self-sustaining. Located in Atlanta, Georgia but they are making waves around the globe with their technologies. Steelray is leading their industry by creating innovative software solutions, like the Microsoft Project Viewer.

Microsoft Project Viewer is an integration allowing teams who customarily rely on Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management (Microsoft PPM), Primavera .XER, Microsoft Excel, or UN/CEFACT XML files, a complimentary software option to add functionality and ease of use. Microsoft Project Viewer is more robust than its counterparts, and it is a fraction of the cost. It is most customarily paired with Microsoft PPM and utilized by Project Managers to help them keep track of ever-changing project schedules, budgets, and timelines.

Steelray Project Viewer


Steelray’s Microsoft Project Viewer is already trusted by companies the likes of Nike, Deloitte, HP, IBM, and virtually every large defense contractor in the United States. It is a fantastic accompaniment to a Project Manager’s repertoire of resources. Microsoft Project Viewer is especially useful in businesses with compounding schedules and budgets like those in the construction industry. By utilizing Microsoft Project Viewer, only the Project Manager needs the parent software. All team members can view the status of a job, and they can drill down to get task details with a few, simple clicks. When a status changes, and it needs to be reflected in the task manager, team members merely update their Project Manager by sending a status update electronically. Then the Project Manager makes the change visible to all parties via the parent software. This ease of functionality eliminates the need to ‘red line’ changes, and in the long run, it saves teams time and money.

Microsoft Project Viewer also provides users with enhanced printing capabilities because Microsoft PPM limits print options and makes printing outputs cumbersome to put together for holistic viewing. With Microsoft Project Viewer you can preview all pages, one page, or actual size before printing – a function not available for companies relying solely on Microsoft PPM. You can also scale a printout and see the effects on the output, control page size, and orientation and header data.


Work smarter and not harder than your competitors and you will find yourself with the winning edge.

When athletes have an active role in planning their training regimen they are almost always more successful because they can bring their unique perspective to the process. Steelray developed their Microsoft Project Viewer in much the same way and with the same philosophy. The Microsoft Project Viewer was developed by Steelray CEO, Brian Leach, a former Project Manager. Brian saw a need for a streamlined, cost-efficient software to couple with Microsoft PPM. Microsoft Project Viewer was born by way of his experience and his hands-on coding and development. Brian created a software solution for Project Managers by Project Managers and its success in the market is a testament to its utility and efficiency.

Start outpacing your competition and manage projects with ease and confidence by implementing Steelray’s Microsoft Project Viewer today. You can even try a free 10-day trial by merely signing up at! If you’re a blogger or have a business of your own, I definitely recommend that you try the trial!


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