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I’ve seen a few of these types of posts recently and I think it’s a clever idea. My About Me page has plenty of info on it, but I figured I’d create one of these posts to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about me. I’ll jot down something for every letter of the alphabet, and each item will be relevant to me or my life in some way. Hope you enjoy!


Anxiety. I’ve had anxiety since my teenage years, and it’s one of my official diagnoses. My anxiety is at its worst when other people are involved. I don’t really like being around people for long periods of time, and especially not groups of people. It also flares up when I’m speaking to authority figures or in any type of interview.


Borderline Personality Disorder and/or Bipolar. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with either yet, but I have many of the severe symptoms that are associated with both Borderline and Bipolar. Seeing if I have either one of these mental illnesses is my current goal because knowing my complete diagnosis will be very helpful in terms of my recovery and medication.


Cats. I love, love, love cats. They’re my absolute favorite animal. They’re cute, cuddly, soft, sweet, and silly. We have five cats and having them in our family has been so therapeutic to me when it comes to my mental health.


Depression. Like anxiety, I’ve been dealing with depression of varying severity since my teenage years. In March of 2018, I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder.


Empathetic. I try to be as empathetic as possible to others. I like to comfort people and help them solve problems, and I often try to put myself in their shoes so that I can better understand the situation.


Fall. Fall is, by far, my favorite season. Especially when it starts to cool down in October.


Gamer. I’ve loved playing video games since I was young. My first console was Playstation 1, and I played Spyro almost every day. Nowadays, I like to play Skyrim, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft (sub currently inactive, though).


Hot natured. I start to get really uncomfortable in any temperature above 75 degrees F. My ideal temperature is 71-72 degrees F. If the weather reaches temperatures of 80 degrees F or higher, I start sweating and it doesn’t take long for my face to turn bloodshot red. For those reasons, I greatly dislike being outside, as we live in one of the most humid states in the U.S.


Introvert. While anxiety has something to do with my interactions with people, I still consider myself to be somewhat of an introvert. I usually like to do things on my own, especially when I’m working on my blog or at my full time job.


Japanese food. I love fried rice and Japanese hibachi. My husband and I like to eat Japanese at least once a week.


Kind. Being kind to others is extremely important to me because I know what it feels like when someone isn’t being kind. I didn’t always used to care, but once I got into my mid-20’s, I did some growing up and learned how important it is. I’m pretty embarrassed that it took me that long to become a decent human being, but at least it happened.


Loyal. I’m as loyal as they come. It is also a trait that I value very highly in others.


Mexican food. This is another one of my and my husband’s favorites. Cheese dip is amazing.


Nighttime. I love the evening hours. While it leaves me with little to do outside of the house, I like the fact that things aren’t as busy, it’s quieter, and the temperature outside cools down.


Outspoken. It may have something to do with one of my mental illnesses, but I can sometimes be very outspoken. It’s not on purpose most of the time because I’m fairly introverted and don’t like confrontation. It usually just comes out of my mouth without my thinking about it.


Passionate. I’m most passionate about spreading awareness of mental illnesses and blogging.


Quiet. In person, I’m a relatively quiet person. I prefer to text and email people most of the time.


Relatable. I try to be as open and honest as I can so that I can find other people that I can relate to, and so that other people are able to relate to me.


Slytherine. I love Harry Potter, so naturally I went to Pottermore and got sorted. The sorting hat placed me in Slytherine, which I think is fairly accurate. My Patronus is a fox.


Trustworthy. I pride myself on being trustworthy to others.


Understanding. I’m very understanding of others and their situation.


Valiant. I’d like to think that I’m somewhat valiant when it comes to spreading awareness of mental health and mental illnesses. I’m determined to help make a difference.


Worthy. My mental illnesses sometimes lie to my brain so that I feel the opposite, but it’s an ongoing battle every day to ignore it and tell myself that I have worth in this world.


X-axis. This is my favorite axis in mathematical terms. I enjoy math, and I’ve always preferred moving things horizontally as opposed to vertically on grids. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, but hey, a girl can hope, right?


Yielding. I try to be yielding in most situations to avoid conflict. Gotta give a little to get a little, right? It doesn’t always work out, but I try sometimes, haha.


Zealous. I’m very zealous when it comes to the mental health community. Mental health is something that I’m very passionate about, and it is my goal to help spread as much awareness as possible. Things need to get better, and that will only happen if people like me and you start and keep talking.


My name is Nicole, and I’m very happy that you decided to stop by and visit my blog! I write about mental health, and I post the occasional product review. I’m most passionate about writing, mental health advocacy, and gaming. My husband and I live in the South with our five tabby cats and two parakeets. If you ever want to connect with me, please don’t hesitate to visit my Contact page.

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  1. August 20, 2018 / 9:59 AM

    I relate to quite a few of these! Cats are amazing, I’m one of the more loyal people I know, I’m an introvert and also like maths! It was nice to find out more about you! xx

    • Nicole
      August 20, 2018 / 10:06 AM

      Awesome! I love finding out that I have things in common with others! 🙂

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