Five Tips and Tricks for Picking the Right Paint Color for every Room

If you’re looking to make a change with the paint in your home, here are five tricks for picking the perfect color for every room. Get to know the tips and tricks used by the professionals for picking the right paint colors. Your rooms will pop for your guests!

1. Pick a Feature to Balance the Entire Home

When you pick colors, each room isn’t an isolated space. These colors should spread throughout the home in various shapes and accents. Most experts agree that a picture or piece of art should be your inspiration. Use the colors within this item to accent the home. Three colors within the art is a good combination!

2. Learn About Complementary Colors

Don’t choose colors that seem to go together. It’s time to pull out that elementary color wheel with complementary hues! Follow these color matches so that the rooms are pleasing to the eye. Homes with contrasting colors can turn off buyers. The hues should evoke emotions that invite people in and feel right at home.

3. Try Test Areas Before Committing

Your chosen colors may look spectacular on the samples, but they can appear completely different on the walls. It’s a good idea to try a test area with a sample paint color. Use the same brushes or rollers that you plan on using for the entire project. Take a look at the color with the curtains open and with natural light pouring into be sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Accent With Bold Colors

Bold colors, such as orange or red, should be used sparingly around the home. Try them as accent walls in a small bathroom or guest bedroom. Apply them on trim in other areas. Don’t add the bright colors as foundational hues on ceilings or entire rooms, though, as they’re considered accent colors for a reason. Using it as a foundational hue could be overwhelming for the room.

5. Explore Functionality

Another aspect of color selection involves a room’s purpose. A kitchen for a culinary dreamer should have a bright appeal. Stay away from dark colors so that inspiration reigns. Putting the effort into painting, and making sure the walls stay looking like new can translate into a higher, property value than before.

You might have an entryway that requires a new color. Remember that this area will be eventually used by professional movers, especially if you’re preparing the home for a future sale. There are many benefits of hiring a professional moving company, which include careful removal of your items without damaging the new paint. They can also pack your items and ensure that nothing breaks during the move. Let the professionals do the hard work for you!

Painting your home with the intent of selling at a later point in time is a smart way to approach the project. Understanding the benefits of hiring a professional moving company, like Suddath, so you don’t have to do any touch ups on the way out. By hiring a professional moving company, you will save time and money, both of which we all want and love!

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