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Dr1ven Industries

One of my goals with my blog is to help inform you of great causes and brands. Dr1ven Industries is a company you should know about if you’re a mental health advocate or if you want to contribute to a great cause.

Dr1ven Industries is a company that strives to help all of us reach our full potential and keep our fight going. It was started by Eric Zink, or you may know him as @Dr1ven_Ind on Twitter, and it’s based in Orange County, California.

Dr1ven Industries 
We all have something that Dr1ves us.

There is always something that is motivating how we live our lives. We may not always know or be aware of what that something is, but that doesn’t mean the Dr1ve isn’t there. It just hasn’t been identified yet.

Whether you need help finding out what Dr1ves you, channeling your passion to its greatest potential, or raising awareness of mental illness and suicide, Dr1ven Industries is dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Sobriety, recovery, mental health, and suicide awareness are the main things that Dr1ve them.

No one should go through the fight of life alone, and they don’t have to because that is where we come in. Together, with people helping people, we can do this! — Eric Zink


Dr1ven Industries 
Through Dr1ven Industries’ services, clothing line, and accessories, they strive to help you answer the question, “What Dr1ves you?” No matter what your struggles or challenges are, you will always have support.

I love this shirt that Eric was so kind enough to let me try and review. The back of the shirt says “Your story isn’t over yet” and it’s a great message in the journey to spreading awareness of mental illnesses and suicide. A portion of each sale goes to Project Semicolon, which is amazing in itself.

To learn more about Dr1ven, I’d like to encourage you to visit Dr1ven Industries’ website. It’d also be great if you visited them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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