Dark Days: Coping With The Worst Days In Depression Recovery

When you are working your way through depression recovery, you will find that things feel a lot better on the whole. You won’t be plagued with negative thoughts and emotions quite as much, and will start to think that your life and mental health are finally back on track.

Dark Days: Coping With The Worst Days In Depression RecoveryHowever, that doesn’t mean that the darkest days of depression are finally behind you. Many people who are going through the recovery period will still find that they wake up and face a bad day of depressive thoughts ahead of them. Even though they may not be as frequent as what they once were, they can still be very scary to deal with.

If you do wake up and feel like you are having a dark day, you might want to use these tips to help you cope with them.

Know That It Will Pass

It’s a good idea to keep on reminding yourself that this is just one day out of many. It will eventually pass. You are likely to go to bed and sleep it off; then by the time you wake up, you will feel a lot more refreshed and better for the sleep. It’s important to hang on to this positive thought that the bad day will pass by, as it can really help you to keep on going.

Dark Days: Coping With The Worst Days In Depression Recovery

Go For A Walk

You should also go for a walk if you have the time to squeeze it into your day as well. This gives you the chance to get some fresh air which is a great way to clear your mind. You should find that all that fresh air can help blow away your negativity! Not only that, though, but stretching your legs and getting active will help the body release more endorphins. These are nature’s antidepressants and the naturally occuring chemicals can help to cheer you up.

Speak To Your Therapist About Them

If you find that your dark days start to become more numerous, then it’s worth speaking to your therapist or doctor about them. They may need to change your medication or the type of therapy that you are using. They might want to put you on TMS Treatment and take you off the CBT therapy, as an example. Your doctor or therapist will know the best course of action to take, so it’s always best to speak to them if anything changes in your mental health during the recovery period.

Meet Up With Loved Ones

How about getting in touch with a close friend or relative if you are having a dark day? Just meeting up with them and having a catch up is a great way to cheer yourself up. Chatting with them could also take your mind off things. It’s also a chance to talk to them about anything that may be worrying you or getting you down. That can help you take a heavy load off your shoulders.

Hopefully, all of these tips help you cope with your darkest days.

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