Coping with PTSD During the Holidays

This post is a part of Nicole Carman’s mental health-related holiday post series, “Taking Care of your Mental Health during the Holiday Season.” It was written and contributed to this post series by Mariah, who is a mental health advocate I have gotten to know on Twitter.

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Anyone with mental illness realizes the struggle that holidays bring up. While the caroling is going around and the joy seems to be spreading there is you and the sadness. It’s as if the sadness floats around you and is the pesky thing that does not know what goodbye means. The moment that someone yells and the crying starts you feel overwhelmed. Maybe it’s your relatives that do not like the way you are and you do not like them for that matter. As a result, you just want quietness.

Here are my two biggest pieces of advice: stay grounded, and stay safe.

You are safe, you are not alone, and you will make it.

Realize that your fears are irrational and that you need to be calm in order to use skills.

Take a break and go on Pinterest or Facebook. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing.
Find one thing you enjoy about the holidays and do that.

Remember: you are not alone and we care. We are not going to let any of our survivors die.

Please say Help when you need help. Please stay Safe.

You matter to me. You matter. You are not alone as much as the mental illness tells you that you are. You are not alone. Realize you are not alone.

Have a great Holiday. Practice treating yourself. You are special and the holidays do not last forever.


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