A Fast Self-Care Manual for the Holidays

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The holidays are coming. What a wonderful time for joy and celebration and also potential depression and anxiety! Whatever is going on inside and outside of you, whatever you have been dealing with during the year, can now be dangerously highlighted by the energy of the season – The parties, the relatives, the couples, all can make you feel hopeless, sad, fearful and alone. Unless, you take the opportunity to lift up and turn on your inner light.

As a spiritual healer, the best advice for feeling well is to take a spiritual deeper perspective to everything- a higher flashlight to view life and circumstance and relationships from a soul lens. This way everything has meaning and a purpose- to lead you to the best possible person you can be, and to live the greatest life.

Self- care, Self- love is a law of spirituality. It is a great foundation for the holidays, and a pillar for every day of your life.

You must begin by making new vows to yourself and new boundaries.

I am number one. I am first.

I will now take advantage of the time period to prepare me for the future.

I will do a spiritual Feng Shui- a clearing out to make way for the new.


Here is a spiritual guide to self-care at holiday time.
1. Use the holiday time as a launching pad for the New Year. Make new plans and goals and dream, dream, dream! Assess the growth of the year and what you have learned. Let it be a deep investigation to really see the transformation. What has the pain inspired you to heal? Then write out a new plan of what you want and who you want to be. Write it on beautiful parchment and treat it like a sacred contract.

2. If you are single, or divorced and faced with the dread of smiling couples and lovers holding hands, put your attention of making a new soul mate shopping list. Get clear on what you wish for in a mate and how you long to be treated. Know that when this list is created, the universe will be your matchmaker and bring it to you. The manifestation of your new dreams is in motion.

3. Use the holiday time to get organized and clear out old closets, old clothes, and etc. By throwing away old stuff you are making an official declaration to the planet, that you are ready for new energy. Your heart and your home are open for the best.

4. Lavish, spoil yourself with spa treatment, and an indulgence of facials, massages, a new haircut and clothes. Attending to your physical body and soul will make you feel like a king, or queen.

5. Have a relationship with NATURE- get lost in the woods, or by the ocean and spend time with a sunset. There is great magic in solitude. Share your self with the earth. You can even bring your new sacred lists and prayers and bury them in the earth. Or if you are lucky enough to live by water- throw old stones into the sea. Each stone represents what you are saying goodbye to. Put your feet in salt water and know the water is washing away the old.

Find a quite space. Breathe in SO and exhale HUM. SO-HUM. This is the natural sound and
rhythm of the breath.

Or breathe in for 7, hold for 7, exhale for 7.

Know that peace and divine connection is found in the space in between the breath, in the pause. When you have quieted down, Imagine the sun over your head and allow the light to turn into a pillar of laser energy to fill every cell with light.

Allow the sun energy to travel down your spine.

Say -I am the light, and all the negative energy I command to leave me immediately. (this is like
an iPhone plug in where the source energy gets connected).

Feel the bliss of the alignment.

Now let all your thoughts swim into the center of your third eye. Imagine a fish bowl collecting your thoughts as fish. And the only thought you now need- I AM THE LIGHT, I AM THE LIGHT. Breathe in peace, exhale peace. In this magical energy, I am now ready for the best life. Amen

HOLIDAY time can be a divine time for self- care and preparation for the new year, if you will
change your perspective and know everything serves your highest good for your best life that is
upon you. Happy holidays.



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